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How to start playing?

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Posted 08 December 2020 - 11:08

w0010.gif What to do to start playing? w0010.gif


The game is a shareware. In other words, this means that you will not have to pay any subscription fee and

you can play absolutely for free.


All game features and items are available in the game, but for simplification and to save time, as well as to emphasize Your character, players can use the Item Mall.



So, to start the game, you just need to:


Create forum accountBy registering on the Mordo Online site and game, we strongly recommend to read the Game Rules

and Forum Rules. A password to enter the site will be sent to the specified email addresses.

Just follow the link.

After registration, you will be authorized on the site. To create a game account, you need to go to My account!

Please note, that the game and forum logins must be different!


Don't forget to download the game client. After the download is complete, run MordoOnlineLauncherSetup- and install the client.


Please note, that in addition to the client, you can download a manual update. you need it only if auto-update doesn't work, otherwise the client will update automatically at first start.


Important! Sometimes the game does not start, or gives an error. It is advisable to run the game as an Administrator, 90% of this error is associated with it!


After loading the launcher, insert Your GAME account login and password.




Also, You may add max 10 GAME accounts. For this press "Add Account" button:



Click "Start Game":



After loading the client, You will see single region selection - Mordo.ru, server list - Final Battle:



If you have any technical problems, please contact to technical support.



n1174.gif Character creation and first entry into the world of the Mordo Online. n1174.gif


Enter a game account login and password. Remind, you can view them in your email:



After the first login, you will be prompted to enter q0071.gif a security code:



Then feel free to click "Create". Please note, only 3 characters can be per one game account:


To create more, you need to create another game account on the forum.

A window with a brief description of each character will appear.

A more detailed character's description and available professions You can look at Character Introduction.



Press "Click here to start your journey!" and choose Your favorite character. Please note that not every profession is available for a specific character.

So, for example, AMI can become a cleric, a seal master, or a voyager, while she can't become a crusader, a shooter, or a champion.


For more detailed information, read in Classes and professions.

Note that the sections are named after the character's second profession (the first profession is is a passing one).


After selecting a character, you will be prompted to enter a nickname. A nickname can only be entered in English letters and numbers. In addition, you can choose the face and hairstyle of your future character.



Then you will be offered to choose the starting city.  There is no difference which to choose, because you can freely teleport between them. More offen it's an Argent.


That's all, double-click on the character and you will find yourself in the wonderful world of the Mordo Online.


w0202.gifFirst entrance in the World w0202.gif


Once appear in the game world, you will see an information window. You can read a lot of interesting, and when you get tired - close it and move to explore everything by yourself.

You can return this window at any time by clicking on the question mark in the bottom right of the screen.


First of all, we suggest that you to visit the game settings (click Esc - >Display Settings), where you can change the resolution, as well as make the game full screen.


After setting necessary settings, go to the game itself. By pressing Alt+E or the corresponding button on the bottom bar, you can open the inventory.


In it you have a n1257.gifNewbie Chest and novice equipment, in which you can dress up your character at first time.

Please note, that you can and should open it every 5 levels (on the 5th, 10th, and so on).



Figured out? Then you can move to the Newbie Guide, located in the center of any city. If your character did not initially appear near it, you can use the radar.


Radar is one of the most convenient options to find what you need. Just press Alt+R or the button next to the minimap,

select map (for Argent this is Ascaron, for Icicle - Deep Blue, for Shaitan - Magical ocean) and enter coordinates:




Argent Newbie Guide Seena – is on 2224\2785 coordinates

Icicle Newbie Guide Angela – is on 1316\507 coordinates

Shaitan Newbie Guide Resline – is on 876\3573 coordinates


First of all, we recommend that you ask your Newbie Guide for the so-called Star of Unity.

This is a special ring that, if worn, begins to accumulate experience when You hunt for mobs alone.

Later, if you take a player below your level in a group, the star will spend experience, and you will level-up faster.

After getting the 41st level and passing the second profession, you can exchange the star from the Newbie Guide to a weapon for your class.


Go to the Newbie Guide, choose Star of Unity, then you should redeem Star of Unity. Double-click the left mouse button to open the chest and put the star in the ring slot:




n1397.gif Quick 7 levels n1397.gif


The Newbie Guide will help us with the initial levels. Select the "Welcome" dialog and you will get level 4.

Talk to her again, select the "Blacksmith's Greetings".


Note, that if the NPC has available tasks, this is indicated by a green exclamation mark.


If the quest is completed and you can pass it, the exclamation mark will be dark yellow.


If the quest is taken, but not completed, the color will be grey.



Go to the Blacksmith at the coordinates specified in the quest, then return to the Newbie Guide, she will reward you with experience.


Talk to her again and select the "Tailor's Greetings". Go to him and get the gloves. Don't forget to wear them.



Back to the Newbie Guide, receive experience and you will get level 5.


We disturb the Newbie Guide again and get the quest "Physician's Greetings". The doctor will reward us with 10 apples,

and the Newbie Guide will give us another level.


Congratulations! You have reached level 7!



book.gif Getting your first profession book.gif


After getting level 7, you can continue completing quests, or go to hunt mobs in the surrounding city area. Try to choose not too weak, but not too strong mobs, approximately equal to your level or higher on 1-2 levels.


Also, you will probably want to upgrade your attributes (stats). But you should behave carefully here, because in the future you will choose a profession and only certain attributes are suitable for each profession.

Therefore, there is no need to hurry.


By the way, don't forget to find a teacher. The presence of a teacher will give you the possibility to receive

n1198.gifMini Amplifier of Strive for each characters levelup (they will appear in a temporary bag, you can open it by pressing Alt+D), which increase the experience gained for mobs hunting during 5 minutes.

And when you reach level 41, you will get 200,000 gold and some fairy coins.


To become a disciple, you can try to ask the surrounding players - right-click on the player and click "Mentor". If the player accepts the offer, he will become your teacher, and the system chat will inform You.


If you start hunting mobs, they will drop loot in the form of yellow bags. To pick it up, you can click on it or use the combination Ctrl+Athe combination Ctrl+Shift+A will turn on auto-selection.

At first, it is difficult to obtain something especially valuable, so feel free to sell it to any NPC.


But some loot is valuable yet. For example, n1419.gifBlurry Blueprintsscoll1.gifNew Sheepskin Scrolls are also valuable. You can find out what they are for later.


When You have reached 9th level, you can start getting your first profession. As You already noticed, each class of characters (Ami, Phyllis, Lance and Carsis) has it’s own professions, although some of them are from different classes.

Go to the Newbie Guide in the city, after reaching the 9th level, and you will see possible professions:



The profession should be chosen at the character creation stage. I hope You have already made a decision!

A lot of guides and information about professions can be found in relevant section on the forum.


So, choose a quest for the desired profession and get a letter to Your class NPC. As a rule, they are not difficult, you will be sent to hunt for several mobs and collect some loot, not far from the city where Your class NPC is located.


If You have difficulties in finding a particular mob or anything in the game world, then you can use a fairly convenient game database. Who and where lives, and what drops from whom, there all.


If You have difficulties, You can refer to a getting 1st and 2nd professions guide.



w0421.gif In an independent way w0421.gif


So, you are already a little familiar with our game world, got your 1st profession and are eager to continue Your journey.

Where to start? There are a lot of options. Of course, you should still level-up. This can easily be done by mobs hunting. It is worth, again, to read the guides about your profession, as a rule, they indicate on which mobs are easier to hunt.


However, only leveling-up, of course, should not be a limit.


We offer several activities for the novice player around the Mordo world with links to guides and comments:


Fairies — pet, who are they and for what?


How to earn on the Start? - the manual will help you to earn gold.


Gems – our gems, with which you boost your character.


Blacksmith functions - the manual will tell you about blacksmith and his functions. You will meet with the blacksmith very often.


Historical quest - the most important and biggest quest in our world. For him, in addition to experience, money and useful things, You will receive points for peaceful skills. There are quite a lot of skills: staring from store, wood cutting and ending with craft and cooking, with which You can create equipment and significantly reinforcing your character ingredients. Many peaceful skills can be purchased from grocers.


Cooking - one of the most interesting and profitable peaceful skills.

Manufacturing - very easy for novices. At the lowest expenses, you can make your first million, and then ten millions.

Craft - the most interesting kind of peaceful skills.

Analyze - Another peaceful skill, aimed directly and completely on money earning. You need either an initial capital or a considerable level for independent ingredients extraction.

New Sheepskin Scroll - one of the most interesting activities is digging up treasures with new sheepskin scrolls. Specially for players up to and including level 40.

Salvage - Do you like the ocean? Then this peaceful skill will be at your taste!

Life quests – special quests. You can use it to get special loot for crafting or just to earn money.

Forsaken City - The first PVP dungeon. You will be able to learn what is pvp, join a guild and get the initial capital and equipment.

Mordo International Server Concept - what happens on the project, why we are unique, you can read here!


We hope that this information will be more than enough for You to navigate in our world. This is only part of what you can find on Mordo open spaces. All the most interesting things are ahead!


n0170.gifBonus IM & GI Exchange n0170.gif


A few words should be said about the Bonus Item Mall As you already understood - the project is completely free.

However, there are many ways to make your life easier, speed up the long and annoying leveling-up, boosting the character or just highlight it by buying a luxurious apparels or unusual wings.


How to use it? Simple!


Register on the forum. But you've already done it. Right?


After registration, the Bonus Item Mall tab on forum will be available.





Also, gold and items exchange will help You on your journey across the world of Mordo Online.


 Моre details are in: Bonus Item Mall and Gold and items exchange.



  Enjoy your game!

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