Forum Rules

1. General provisions and recommendations

1.1. The website is a private resource. By being here, you agree to be guided by these Rules.
1.2. The Mordo Online forum is dedicated to the localization of Tales of Pirates.
1.3. The forum is post-moderated, i.e. adding messages occurs immediately, and their moderation later.
1.4. The order in the forums is monitored by Moderators, Super Moderators and Administrators. Moderators exercise control over the forums assigned to them, can edit, delete messages and topics, close and move topics, apply various penalties to participants - warning, pre-moderation, Read Only (prohibition of writing messages), blocking the account (ban). Super Moderators have the same authority in all forums. Administrators have all the rights of Super Moderators and Moderators for all forums and can additionally make any changes to the forum.
1.5. All messages reflect the views of their authors. The opinion of the administration may not coincide with the opinion of the author. If you think that any messages contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation, contain commercial secrets or are capable of causing damage to individuals or legal entities, you can report this to the Moderators or the Forum Administration.
1.6. Adhere to the established culture of communication on the forums. We create our own habitat. Let's be polite and friendly to each other! If you see violations of the Rules or are provoked by other forum members, do not follow the offenders, click the "Complain" button. The rest is the responsibility of the resource Administration.
1.7. If you made a mistake, for example, you duplicated a message, accidentally sent a response to the wrong place, or sent an empty message, then use the button "Edit" or "Delete" the message. You should not write new messages and comment on your mistakes, and apologize for such a flood.

2. Username ("nick", "nickname", "login", "account") and profile data.

2.1. Nickname.

2.1.1. Your nickname is your personality. Perhaps, if you become a regular on the forums, it will be your business card, talking about you and your level. If you do not want to fight for what you are called that way, and not be one of the many, choose the original nickname (within the framework of the Rules and common sense). Of course, you can subscribe with your real name - this is your own choice. Change of nickname is impossible.
2.1.2. Registration of hard-to-pronounce nicknames (like Klmn454824IOIoo) is not recommended.
2.1.3. Double registration is prohibited, that is, registration of two or more nicknames for one user for any reason, especially in the case of setting the "Read Only" mode or blocking (ban) for your nickname. If such nicknames are identified, they will be blocked without warning. Violation of this rule is punishable by banning the second nickname and punishing the first.
2.1.4. It is forbidden to register a double of an existing nickname, i.e. a nick that is a complete or partial visual duplicate of an existing one (including those obtained by replacing one language letters with the other language letters with a similar spelling). If such a nickname is identified, it can be blocked at the request of the owner of the original name.
2.1.5. It is forbidden to register nicknames containing:
- rude, offensive and obscene expressions and pseudo-graphics, as well as calls for violence and violation of the law (in any language and in any form);
- any contact information: phone numbers, website addresses, e-mail, ICQ, etc., as well as combinations of characters that can be regarded as such data;
- overt or hidden advertising.

2.2. Avatar.

2.2.1. It is forbidden to post avatars containing:
- rude, offensive and obscene expressions and images, as well as calls for violence and violation of the law (in any language and in any form);
- overt or hidden advertising;

2.3. Signature and status.

2.3.1. Signatures and statuses are prohibited if it containing:
- more than 3 lines;
- overt or hidden advertising;
- too large pictures

2.4. Profile.

2.4.1. If possible, fill in as many fields as possible on your profile. This will help in the future to contact you and receive additional information about you, which may be useful in solving your problems.
2.4.2. It is forbidden to post information in the profile containing rude, offensive and obscene expressions and images, as well as calls for violence and violation of the law (in any language and in any form).

3. Forum language

3.1. The official forum language is Russian. Messages in other languages are welcome!
3.2. The use of other languages in the signature is allowed.

4. General Rules for creating topics and messages.

4.1. Before creating a new topic or message, you should carefully read the rules adopted in this section.
4.2. The name of the topic should be as informative as possible, so that already from the name of the topic, other users are approximately clear.
4.3. Creating duplicate messages and topics is prohibited. If you mistakenly created a topic or message in the wrong section where you planned (or realized that the choice was wrong), do not create similar topics or messages in another section. Contact the moderator - he will transfer your topic or message to the correct section.
4.4. If you see that someone is breaking the rules on the forum (a duplicate of an existing topic was created, aggression or flooding in messages, incorrect location of the topic, etc.), you should not create new messages about it - just contact the Moderators, they will take action.
4.5. Messages containing grammatical and / or syntax errors can cause negative reactions from forum members. Try to write correctly.
4.6. Explicit and hidden rudeness or insults are prohibited.
4.7. It is forbidden to use obscene language, both explicit and hidden, including behind special symbols.
4.8. It is forbidden to provoke a conflict, as well as to respond to a provocation. If you think that you have been insulted (humiliated, otherwise violated your rights or the Forum Rules), report this fact to the Moderator. He will take the necessary measures against the offender.

4.9. The title of the topic and messages are prohibited:

4.9.1. Replacing letters of one language with similar letters of another language;
4.9.2. Writing topics and messages in CAPITAL LETTERS;
4.9.3. Writing messages in uppercase and lowercase letters interspersed ("jUsT lIkE tHiS") or in letters of different alphabets ("1iке 7нi$");
4.10. The names of topics and messages overloaded with punctuation marks (more than three in a row) are prohibited, for example: "What happened ????????".
4.11. Abuse of quoting (overquoting) is prohibited. You do not need to fully quote the opponent's messages.
4.12. It is strictly forbidden to discuss the actions of representatives of the Administration. If you disagree with the actions of the Administration representatives, please contact any Moderator of the section in which the incident occurred, or any Super Moderator. The complaint will be considered, and if your complaint is found justified, disciplinary measures will be applied to the representative of the Administration. If you have not received a response to your complaint from the Moderator or Supermoderator within two or more days, please contact technical support.
4.13. Any materials of erotic and pornographic content can be removed from the forum without warning, at the discretion and in accordance with the moral principles of the moderators.

5. Statuses and user groups

5.1. Groups of users.
5.1.1. Users.
5.1.2. Super Moderators \ Moderators
5.1.3. Administrators.

6. The system of punishment

6.1. Penalties are assigned by the Moderator for non-compliance with the Forum Rules and / or additional Section Rules.
6.2. Punishments are of the following types:
6.2.1. Warning. This type of punishment is the first punishment and is imposed for non-compliance with the Forum Rules.
6.2.2. "Read Only" or "RO". The "Read Only" status is a measure of responsibility for malicious and / or repeated non-compliance with the Forum Rules and is applied along with Warnings for violation of the Forum Rules. The "Read Only" status can be assigned to a participant for various periods, depending on the decision of the Moderator. This status means that the forum member cannot leave messages on any of the forum sections.
6.2.3. Ban. Ban is the capital punishment for forum participants. It is issued in exceptional cases and is the result of repeated or deliberately gross violation of the Forum Rules.
6.3. If a situation arises that does not fall under any of the clauses of the rules, the Representative of the Administration has the right to act at his own discretion.
6.4. If you do not agree with the punishment, you can appeal it by contacting any Supermoderator or technical support.
6.5. The decision on punishment made by the Forum Administrator or the Supermoderator is final and not subject to appeal.

7. Working with files.

7.1. The forum is allowed to upload pictures and files.
7.1.2. The following file types are allowed for upload: .jpg, .jpe, .jpeg, .gif, .png
7.1.4. The file name can only consist of numbers and letters of the English alphabet.

8. Changes to the Forum Rules.

8.1. The Mordo Online Forum reserves the right at any time at its sole discretion to change (supplement, modify and cancel) certain positions.
8.2. Such changes take effect from the moment they are published.
8.3. The duty to timely monitor changes in the Rules of the Forum lies with its participants. Ignorance of the Rules does not relieve forum members of responsibility for their violation.

9. Consent to the rules

9.1. Your use of the Mordo Online Forum signifies that you accept the established rules.
9.2. If you disagree with these rules, do not use the Mordo Online forum.

Mordo Online is a free 3D multiplayer online game (MMORPG) about pirates, which allows you to play the role of a brave pirate or pirate, fight countless monsters, both on land and on the water in a fantasy world of anime with elements of the mythology of ancient Greece, Judea, Egypt, China. Mordo is fairy pet, virtual faithful companion in the game, giving bonuses to the player. The original name of the game is King of Pirates Online, the game was developed by a Chinese company Shanghai Moliyo. In Russia and the CIS was previously published under the name Piratia, in Europe and America — Tales of Pirates.
Mordo Online © 2021 is an independent project on the Russian localization of the game.